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How's it done?

See the attached link to the Boxing Day Bird Count List for Colonel Sam Smith Park. Print the list. Alternatively, you can

Use Ebird or other birding application. Go out in to the park December 26 (Boxing Day) and look for birds. Make a count of each bird species you saw in the park or on the water. Send a list along to Brian at FOSS (see address below) so we can add them to the overall bird count. If the weather is poor on the 26th then use the 27th for your count.

If you can not be in the park either of these two days come to the park any day that week and do your count. Show the day you were there on your list. Here is a link to a printable list for you to use for your count. Try to send a photo with or without birds. We will try to place some of the photos on the FOSS website (no faces please) Send your Bird Count to: Brian Keaveney, President of FOSS, at

by Dec. 30th. You can scan your list and send the scan by email or just include the data in the body of the email. If using an app send that data on. Results will be posted on the FOSS website. Note: Bring a colour bird book with you to help identify birds or ask another birder that day. Make it a fun family outing and stay warm

Brian Keaveney

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