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Citizen Science Project: Red-necked Grebes

Nest duties changeover on platform between a pair of Red-necked Grebes

Citizen Science

Red-necked Grebe Project at Colonel Sam Smith Park

FOSS has built and placed 5 Red-Necked Grebe floating nesting platforms in the Yacht Basin in the park.

Visitors to the park viewing the basin are asked to provide information on the use of any of the five platforms such as the following.

1.      Are the platforms empty?

2.      Are they being occupied by Red-Necked Grebes?

3.      Do they have eggs? Can you determine how many?

4.      Has the nest been destroyed? If so, can you see why?

5.      Are Cormorants on the platform?

Send your information to:

Numbers to be used to identify the platforms

The map below shows the approximate location of the platforms. Use the numbers on the map for the location of the platforms even though you may see a different number on the actual platform.

It is important to know how our platforms are functioning over the season.

Thank you for your input.

Brian Keaveney

President: Friends of Sam Smith Park


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