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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

After a two year wait due to Covid, FOSS was able to hold our second Pumpkin Parade last night and it was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS!. One hundred and twelve pumpkins were on display, nearly three times the number we had before. We had loads of visitors dropping off pumpkins and most of them waited until just after 7 p.m. for the lighting. It was well worth the wait and, as the evening darkened, it was quite magical. The wind subsided a bit and the containers we put the candles in kept the wind from blowing them out, a major problem for us last time. It was really heartening to see people out and about and clearly enjoying themselves, especially the kids who delighted in them all - the scary ones, the funny ones, the wildly creative ones and, in particular, the ones they themselves had proudly fashioned. Two hundred next year! Here is a link to Nancy's YouTube video .

The FOSS pumpkin crew (L to R) - Sandra, Barbara, Monique, Terry and Brian

The images below are from Sandra Hawkins

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