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TO ALL MEMBERS: We hope you've all been setting aside all your favourite images, paintings and drawings! Time to choose which ones you'll be submitting (up to 5) for our Photography & Art Contest this fall. Which do you feel represent the spirit of the park best? Wildlife and wildflowers to insects, landscapes, macro photography, watercolour, ink, acrylics--all welcome. ALL SKILL LEVELS welcome.

There will be prizes awarded the night of the opening reception at the Assembly Hall gallery, along with finger foods, and live music by Adam Solomon. Tentative deadline for online submissions is September 9.

Note from the Assembly Hall Gallery: "While we recognize that custom framing can be very expensive, we caution that some styles of retail frames, meant for home use only, are not suitable. Any work deemed fragile will require an additional waiver signed by the artist. Insurance is provided against vandalism, theft, fire, smoke or water damage, but not against accidental breakage of glass or damage to fragile articles".

SEND your digital jpeg images to:

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