Friday, June 4, 2021


The University of Toronto Trash Team, in partnership with TRCA, has begun the “Tagging Trash” project in the Toronto Harbour.

This project will help identify the path floatable trash travels in the Toronto Harbour and inform TRCA’s Floatables Strategy. The intent is to create a long-term maintenance commitment, by those with jurisdiction over the area, to maintain the aesthetic quality of the Toronto waterfront. This strategy identifies and provides support to ongoing maintenance and further improvements of the aesthetics on the waterfront through the removal of floatable litter, known as floatables. Version 1.0 of this strategy
was developed in 2019, and now in 2021 TRCA is implementing various objectives of the strategy.

The Tagging Trash project, will help inform the Floatables Strategy on how floatables are moving and accumulating in the Toronto Harbour. This data will be used to inform where future trash trapping technology can be utilized. The Tagging Trash project uses GPS-tracked “Blender Bottle” water bottles to represent floating litter in the harbour. The GPS coordinates help reveal their travels to determine movement patterns and potential accumulation zones for floating litter. This will allow us to better understand local sources of litter and help inform future placement of trash trapping devices, such as Seabins and other new technologies, to divert litter from Lake Ontario.

Additionally, as an objective of the Floatables Strategy, TRCA in partnership with the City of Toronto, and through funding from the Ministry of Parks Culture and Environment (MECP) will be installing 2 Seabins this summer at the Toronto Islands ferry docks. Seabins are a trash capturing technology, which are installed directly into the water to capture floating debris/pollution and microplastics.  

For more information on the “Trapping Trash” project please visit the website:

If you have any questions or comments about the Floatables Strategy, or the Trapping Trash project please reach out to Jill Attwood or Lindsay Clapp at TRCA.

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