Wednesday, April 14, 2021


This morning, I put this sign in the Swallow Field to hopefully persuade well-meaning people from putting bird seed on the nest boxes or on the large rock.  By educating, we can all do our part to discourage this practice when we observe it.  I know the message on the sign is blunt, but it is a fact.  That cute little invasive, non-native, non-protected House Sparrow can be a fearsome raider when it comes to claiming a nest box.  As we know, Tree Swallows are a declining species suffering the same realities as all other aerial insectivores and the boxes are for them.  I have added a couple of disturbing pics to make my point – sorry!  It is important to note that all monitors of Bluebird and Tree Swallow boxes are experiencing the same problem for which there are no robust proven solutions.  We always research and try different approaches. We want this project to always be worthwhile.  This year we blocked all entrance holes until the swallows arrived and, then, only opened up the field one section at a time … and, as I am sure you have noticed, this year proves to be the best ever! 

Terry Smith

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