Friday, February 26, 2021


Summary: FOSS Steering Committee Meeting

February 22, 2021

7:04PM, Via Zoom Video Conferencing

FOSS WINTER PHOTO CONTEST: All photos must be submitted to the FOSS FACEBOOK SITE by 8:00PM, Sunday, February 28.  Refer to the FOSS blog for contest details.

Photos submitted must be taken in Col. Sam Smith Park during the winter.

The top three Facebook “likes” shall be deemed as the winners. Results will be posted 2 days after the closure of the contest.

Photos submitted (with permission of the photographers) will become part of an on-line video presentation titled: Colonel Sam Smith Park in Winter.

FOSS PARK PEOPLE GRANT: FOSS gratefully thanks Park People for their generous grant that makes possible the photo contest as well as a variety of other activities for visitors of all ages who appreciate the joys of nature that Col. Sam has to offer. Check FOSS website for details. Those activities include:

Virtual Bird Walk—Saturday, February 27th. 9:00 AM. Live on FOSS Facebook Group.

Kids’ Activities-a new activity presented every Friday. Activities will be archived on the blog for future access.

Wildlife Videos featuring Col. Sam Park: 1. Changing Seasons, 2. Colonel Sam Smith Park: A Sanctuary in the City and 3. Journey of Cooper’s Hawks.

Tree Walk Presentation: 17 minutes long. The video, with accompanying text, highlights a walk-through of Col. Sam Park and emphasizes tree identification.

COLONEL SAM’S BIRD FESTIVAL 2021: On February 19, several members of the FOSS Steering Committee held a video conference with the city’s Bird Festival organizers. Due to COVID-19, the festival will most likely be a virtual (on-line) event. The organizers were impressed with FOSS’s recent activities (i.e. those sponsored by the Park People grant) as well as with FOSS’s on-line sessions presented during last year’s festival. They also expressed interest in a FOSS suggestion about the possible use of QR codes for disseminating park information. 

Visitors are asked to notify the police at 416 808-2200 for drug infractions and 311 for trash build-up. Any problems reported to 311 are greatly strengthened when accompanied with a photo.

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