Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Summary: FOSS Steering Committee Meeting
April 27th, 2020
7:00, Via Zoom Video Conferencing

  • NATURE’S SANCTUARY PHOTO EXHIBIT: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the exhibit is tentatively re-scheduled for 2021. A new date (when confirmed) will be posted on the FOSS blog and Facebook sites. Save your photos until then. 
  • FACEBOOK POSTINGS OF COL. SAM PARK’S BIRD SIGHTINGS: Many FOSS Facebook followers have expressed concern about crowded conditions at Col. Sam. Many believe that posting bird sightings serves to encourage ever more visitors. Some visitors are apparently not practising “social distancing”. To alleviate such problems, FOSS encourages birders to post only their back yard counts.
  • BEAVER-CUT TREES: Beavers have cut down several larger trees in Col. Sam. FOSS has learned that the city’s plans to place mesh around the trees have been tentatively delayed until fall 2020. FOSS plans to inquire if this task could be completed by volunteers before then.
  • LONG BRANCH TREE FESTIVAL: Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, September 20. Check the blog for updates.
  • NEW TORONTO HOLIDAY MARKET: FOSS has been asked to participate again in December 2020 (COVID-19 dependent). FOSS hopes to expand the activities on offer. Adults particularly enjoyed making Christmas “swags”. FOSS plans to make them available in 2020.
  • DRUG/GARBAGE/TREE PLATFORM PROBLEMS AT COL. SAM: Discarded drug paraphernalia and litter are on-going detriments in the park, particularly in the North Creek area. Visitors are asked to notify the police at 416 808-2200 for drug infractions and 311 for trash build-up. Any problems reported to 311 are greatly strengthened when accompanied with a photo.

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