Sunday, February 16, 2020


Shoreline reinforcement along the marina's eastern shore with added fill
and rocks thrown onto ice (reducing the effectiveness of the flood barrier).
Feb. 2020. 
 Photo by Brian Bailey
Many regular park users will notice how the regular cycle of water levels in Lake Ontario has changed over the last several years.  Flooding in the spring of 2019 alone altered the shoreline, in some cases drastically, and trails became impassable for months. 
The Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has been deploying different tools to remediate the effects of flooding, including adding rock fill to reinforce the seawall along the marina. Similar water level fluctuations may be expected in spring 2020; we'll be monitoring to see how well the new barrier stands up.  

Spring flooding still blocked the marina's eastern trail as late as
June 2019, when this photo was taken. 
Photo by Nancy Barrett

Flooded trail, June 2019. Photo by Nancy Barrett
Find further info about this project at this link.

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