Sunday, September 22, 2019



First, TRCA, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, went in and dug up all the burdock in this area by the roots.  Black tarp was laid down in spring.
Plastic mat was removed this week, and a hemp mulch mat was laid over the whole planting area.  This will break down in 3-5 years- enough time to give the new plants a good start.  After plants were put in the ground, a layer of tree mulch was laid on the whole area as well, and the plants were all watered by a couple of very energetic volunteers!

Species planted - Alleghany Blackberry; Flowering Raspberry; Red Osier Dogwood; Pasture Rose; St. John's Wort; 3 Eastern White Pine.

2 samples of each species were measured and statistics recorded.  These sample plants have a green ribbon on them, which should not be removed.  This site will be monitored by TRCA for the next 5 years, and the progress of these individual plants will be recorded for comparison purposes.  

Thank you to Jacob Mokrzynski and the TRCA for organizing this whole project!


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