Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Short Story Reading with author Scott Colby  
Wednesday, July 17
6:30pm - 9pm (Talk at 7pm)
G Building, 17 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
"More Death in Etobicoke: The Silence of the Pigeons"
Join us for a short story reading and discussion with author Scott Colby as he discusses the importance of place and history in fiction writing. More Death in Etobicoke: The Silence of the Pigeons was 100 per cent inspired by living in south Etobicoke, especially during a deep freeze — the coldest month in recorded Toronto history. The story is satire and it pays tribute to two contemporary horror classics — in a hopefully humorous way — and also to some of the history of south Etobicoke. One aspect of that history is the historical and cultural importance of passenger pigeons to the area. Once the most populous bird in the Americas, perhaps the world, it was unthinkably hunted into extinction in a relatively short period of time — until now, that is!
Scott will perform a sure-to-be entertaining reading of his story and discuss why he was inspired to incorporate passenger pigeons into a contemporary story set in south Etobicoke. He will also discuss where the pigeon lives on today, through names and imagery in the area, and how technological advancements allowed for the killing of the pigeon on a massive scale and also led to the rise of modern horror stories.

Event is hosted by the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre, in partnership with the Friends of Sam Smith Park, the Citizens Concerned with the Future of the Etobicoke Waterfront (CCFEW), the Humber Arboretum, the Toronto Ornithological Club, and Quest Nature Tours.
Doors and Partner Booths open at 6:30pm; talk begins at 7pm
Light refreshments will be available
Mobility accessible space

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