Friday, May 3, 2019


Pollinator Meadow location

Yesterday heralded the beginning of an exciting new project for Sam Smith Park.  FOSS members, along with Janette Harvey, Natural Environment Specialist for the City of Toronto, laid down the first tarpaulin in order to “smother” an area of the park to begin the preparation for a meadow restoration that will provide a high quality pollinator habitat.  It will be called the “North Creek Meadow” and is located south of the large pond/wetland near the lake culvert.

FOSS has long advocated for pollinator habitat improvements in the park and we have expressed an interest in participating in all phases of any restoration plan.

The project design is the result of collaboration between Janette Harvey and students from the School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences at Sir Sandford Fleming College.

Site preparation includes tarping, or smothering, and light tilling. The implementation phase involves mulching around the plot sites, followed by seeding, and planting of carefully selected and desired vegetation. Stewardship and monitoring activities will monitor the overall health of the site, native plants, pollinator presence/absence, and the removal of invasive and/or encroacher species. Friends of Sam Smith will be involved in multiple steps of the North Creek Meadow Restoration process and the plan offers volunteer opportunities for locals to become engaged.

The project will take four years to complete with different plots established at different times during that period.  The current year will involve no more than signposting and the tarping and checking of the first plot from April to November.  Three more plots will follow.

If anyone is interested in reading the complete design specifications, let us know at

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