Wednesday, April 17, 2019


The 14th of April was another stellar day for a park clean up.... I apologize. 
I have put in my request already for good weather for next year’s event and am waiting to hear back about it. 
For the less-stout hearted; it was a good day to stay home. For the 60 happy volunteers who braved the elements; nothing could have been finer. Except the weather, of course. 
As always, the stalwarts were in attendance and spirits weren’t dampened by the cold rain. 
My many thanks to all who supported and all who attended. I would be at the park by myself and I would be happy and contented. To be there in the midst of such good friends and neighbours puts a smile on my face every time. Thank you all. 
Set up was completed in a shower of ice pellets and the weather only got better from there. Mostly a cold rain that had a couple of short, welcomed breaks throughout the day. 
Tim Horton's kindly supplied hot chocolate and timbits to stave off the morning cold and hunger. 
The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s estimation of total weight collected was 642 lbs or??? kg. A conservative Conservation estimate I feel. Thank you to their team for crunching the numbers. TRCA also brought a shelter and apples and cookies!!
Panago Pizza supplied some of the finest outdoor lunch at 12:30pm and for all those who sampled, there were great comments about the flavour!
The crew from Home Depot were able to come down and lend a hand. In their bright orange shirts. 

The Martingrove Collegiate Institute group were instrumental in skimming the catchment basin and removing a great deal of debris before it made it into the Lake. 
As always the Friends of Sam Smith Park and Citizens Concerned for the Future of the Etobicoke Waterfront were of great help. 
Thank you to Parks and Recreation Toronto for their continued support and to Solid Waste Management for the pick-up. 


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