Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The images in this five minute video are all of the ones submitted for this year's photo exhibit, not just the ones selected for showing or the final winners and honourable mentions.  A few had to be omitted because they were sent to us in an unsuitable format.  We feel that they are all worthy of a being showcased here.  The video can be paused for a moment to linger a bit longer on a particular photo you like.
Be patient and enjoy.

“Nature’s Sanctuary” came to a close on November 15, 2018. FOSS would like to thank the many photographers who participated in the Exhibition. The opening night was electric with excitement and anticipation. The evening truly celebrated the beauty of Sam Smith Park. I would like to thank the volunteers who helped the make the exhibition a success. Thank you, Bruce Wilkinson, Terry Smith, Monika Meulman, Irene Cholewka, Nancy Barrett, Barbara Keaveney, Sandra Hawkins, Bert Meulman, and Chantal Lee. We would also like to thank our sponsors, City of Toronto Parks, Big Guys, Lamp, The Healing Muse, Sandra Hawkins, The Graphic Print Shop as well as the ongoing support from our neighbours, Lakeshore Grounds and Humber College. A shout out to the staff at the Assembly Hall - Katrina Campitelli, Suzy Broderick and other staff who were amazing and very supportive. It is always a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable and professional facilitators. A special thanks to Denise Dickens for encouraging us to have an exhibition when we had our doubts. We look forward to 2020. So get out there and take photos of our beloved nature sanctuary, Sam Smith Park.

Liana Franciosi

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