Friday, October 12, 2018


FOSS’s second “Nature’s Sanctuary” juried photo exhibit opened last night at the Assembly Hall.

There were 51 images on display featuring a wide variety of the birds, mammals, reptiles and insects that can be found in the park as well as landscape and plant life shots.

The gallery was packed with over 100 visitors.  There was live music and fabulous refreshments.  But, more importantly, there was a very palpable buzz of interest and appreciation in the air for the wonderful natural treasure that Sam Smith Park is.  This park is truly loved!

That feeling was reinforced by an awesome photographic presentation from Sandra Hawkins that included her images of park wildlife as well as a strong reminder to all of us that these places need to be protected as “sanctuaries” forever.

Friends of Sam Smith Park are indebted to our two judges, Ann Brokelman and Jeremy Sales, who had the daunting task of choosing the winners from all the great entries.

Our appreciation also goes out to The Assembly Hall staff, to our park’s loving sponsors, the FOSS volunteers and the many others who lent a hand.

And, of course, many thanks to Liana Franciosi who, for a second time, spent hours and hours putting the exhibit together.  Great events like this don’t just happen.  They need a passionate “driver” like Liana.

The exhibit will remain at the Assembly Hall gallery until November 15th - 12 to 5, Monday to Friday and 10 to 1 on Saturdays.

Liana with the three winners - Irene Cholewka, Sandra Hawkins, Liana and Nancy Barrett (left to right)

Adam Solomon provided the music

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