Friday, September 28, 2018


The Friends of Sam Smith Park steering committee has compiled a short list of question for Ward 3 Councillor candidates concerning some of the issues that are important to us.  The list will be sent to each candidate and their responses will be published here about a week before the election.  We will also send them out by e-mail to those on our contact list.  Non-responses will also be noted.  If a candidate knocks at your door, you might also consider asking questions related to our park.

We receive constant complaints that there is no public washroom in the park when, in fact, there is - in the Power House.  It is only open during the winter skating season.  Will you push Toronto Parks to keep it open at all times?

How would you deal with the increasing concerns many of us have around vandalism, night fires/parties and off-leash dogs in the park?

As an elected member of Toronto City Council and a custodian of a precious resource, what will you do to preserve biodiversity and natural heritage in your ward and across Toronto?

Parks are often seen as a place for primarily active pursuits.  Please state your views about the value of easily-accessible quiet, natural green spaces for passive activities that promote mental health.

What is your overall vision for green space, particularly along the waterfront, in Ward 3?

Would you be willing to share publicly the City’s future plans for the newly refurbished Power House and also invite public input in to those plans?

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