Wednesday, May 2, 2018


One of the City's forest health care inspectors visited Sam Smith Park yesterday to look at beaver damage.

He noted that the park has been monitored for beaver activity for approx. 20 years, and most of the valuable native trees have already been wrapped. He did notice that some of these trees are outgrowing their wire wrapping, so staff will focus on adjusting the wire wrapping (although this is not urgent and will be addressed after spring planting season). 

He says there is no excessive or unusual damage, but did note that trees previously lost have not been replaced.

They will look into planting additional trees (and wrapping them as they are planted if they are near the pond). Given the time of year, this will likely happen in the fall.

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Unknown said...

I hope they leave some unwrapped trees for the beavers. Beavers are so loved by park goers and photographers, but we don't make life easy for them with all the armourstone shorelines and wrapped trees. One lived in a void between the rocks by Amos Waites. I don't think it made it through the winter. Our national animal deserves a little love.