Thursday, May 24, 2018


The Toronto Region Conservation Authority staff will be trapping turtles along the Toronto Waterfront.  Please see below for project description.  

Trapping sites include:

Colonel Sam Smith Wetland - large pond
Humber Bay Park East/West;
Humber Marshes; and
Grenadier Pond.  
All trapping locations will be clearly identified with research signs.  Trapping activities have begun this week and will continue until the end July.

Turtle Population Dynamics of the Toronto Waterfront Wetlands

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) seeks to better understand the success of its restored coastal wetlands and use this understanding to improve future wetland restoration efforts.  Restored wetlands have received varying treatments and physical changes to repair impairments and/or enhance functionality. Turtles are long-lived and will colonize restored wetlands to varying degrees and over variable time spans depending on the quality of the wetland and its suitability for the specific turtle species.  The use of v16 transmitters will be used to spot check for turtles to aid in if future wetland restoration/enhancement/creation efforts. TRCA has not evaluated these restored wetlands with regards to turtle colonization and compared the restored sites to reference sites (control sites).  Specifically the project aims to examine:
1.        Turtle population demographics at multiple restored sites along the Lake Ontario waterfront
a.        Improve understanding of which wetlands hosts which species
b.        Discover and map resilient pockets of populations
c.        Examine sex ratios
d.        Examine assemblages and compare to reference wetlands
2.        Turtle movement at and between these sites 
a.        Discover connectivity (or lack of connectivity) between sites
b.        Better understand how turtles are occupying restored coastal wetlands during their critical life stages
c.        Understand resilience to climate change and habitat connectivity

Danny Moro
Project Manager
Restoration Projects | Restoration and Infrastructure
A: 9755 Canada Company Avenue, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 0A3

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) |

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