Saturday, April 7, 2018


Today, Garth Riley discovered the remains of a Snowy Owl in the park.  It looks as though it could be the bird that has been seen by many park visitors roosting on the yacht club dock over the last few weeks.

How it was killed and by what predator is a mystery.  The head was gone and the body stripped clean - all that remained was one wing, two large feathered claws and a pile of feathers.  The claws, legs and rib cage were hanging five feet from the ground in the cleft of a small tree.

If anyone has a possible explanation for or prior experience of such a kill, please contact FOSS at

Many people will be upset by this unfortunate news.

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Naturegirl99 said...

This is a sad and tragic end to a bird that has been observed by many people over the winter. It was an amazing park ambassador. I wonder if it collided with a structure and then was taken by a coyote, or whether it was hunting close to land and then predated...