Sunday, April 15, 2018


Alan and Terry
In spite of the ongoing ice storm, the stalwart Alan Roy installed his clean-up station in the park this morning at 0.900 hours and bravely awaited volunteers. 

Not many answered the call.  Not surprising.  

It was virtually impossible to detect garbage and, when something did poke out above the snow, it was typically frozen to the ground and impossible to remove.  Although the park looked pristine with its glistening snow covering, there is a lot of litter in the park lurking underneath, ready to emerge in all its ugliness as the week progresses.

Joanne Yano
However, some larger items were found along the shoreline as well as some "furniture" pieces in the Dogwood Thicket.

Thanks to those few brave souls who did venture out!

Hanna and Iyabo

Suggestion:  Go visit the park this week and take a garbage bag with you.  Find a littered spot, make it your own, take responsibility for it, clean it up and pop the bag in or, if full, next to the large garbage receptacles.  
Next Sunday, April 22nd, is Earth Day.  Make it a family outing.  Take the kids.

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