Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Summary: FOSS Steering Committee Meeting                                         
JANUARY 22ND, 2018
7:06PM, LAMP, 185 5th Street, Etobicoke

CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT: A total of 28 species were observed including a Tufted Duck and a Purple Sandpiper

FOSS WINTER BIRD FEEDER PROJECT: 7 individuals, with additional help from the Lakeshore Scouts, enthusiastically maintain 6 seed and 6 suet feeders alongside the Col. Sam skating path. FOSS thanks the Urban Nature Store for its generous support.

COYOTE BAITING: Evidence of baiting in the form of kibble, bread and bones has been left at various locations in the park. Such practices are dangerous as they may lead to the habituation of wildlife and may also prove detrimental to domestic off-leash pets. Report any occurrences of this practice to 311 and Keep Wildlife Safe and Wild. Check the FOSS blog as well as the FOSS Facebook and Instagram pages for more information and photos.

OWL HARASSMENT: Several instances of owl harassment (especially by photographers) have been reported at Col Sam. Report all such occurrences to 311.

SPRING BIRD FESTIVAL: MAY 2018. Check the blog for verification of actual date. Sponsors and volunteers enthusiastically requested.

POND LOOKOUT PLATFORM GRATE PROBLEMS: FOSS has been informed that wheel chairs have become stuck in the decking grates--posing a safety hazard. No results yet from FOSS’s original request to have this problem fixed. FOSS to send a photograph with reminder note to the pertinent authorities.

2018 FOSS PHOTO EXHIBIT: FALL 2018. Check the blog for updates.

PARK PEOPLE SUMMIT: February 24. Daniels Spectrum. 585 Dundas E.  Applications due February 18. Some members of the FOSS Steering Committee will attend.

DOG PARK IMPROVEMENTS: No results yet received after FOSS sent letter requesting better facilities such as water, night lighting, logs, etc. The dog park’s presence at Col. Sam has not proven effective for controlling off leash dogs on park trails.


FOSS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: Check out FOSS on both Instagram and Facebook. No personal Facebook account? You may still view the contents, but you will be unable to post comments.

SALT ON PARK PATHS: FOSS is concerned with the excessive amount of salt that has been spread to keep cycling paths open. High accumulations of salt are a danger to both the lake (the source of Toronto’s drinking water) and the nearby wetlands. FOSS to contact park management about this matter.

ASSEMBLY HALL CULTURAL DAYS, FALL 2018: FOSS volunteers will lead nature photography sessions in Colonel Sam Park and facilitate children’s bird feeder and bird nesting material projects. Check the blog for updates.

DRUG/GARBAGE PROBLEMS AT COL. SAM: Discarded drug paraphernalia and litter are on-going detriments in the park, particularly in the North Creek area. Visitors are asked to notify the police at 416 808-2200 for drug infractions and 311 for trash build-up.

TWO-HOUR PARKING LIMIT ON SOUTH LOT AT COLONEL SAM: Vehicles are being marked and fines are being issued.

Sandra Hawkins, SecretarY                                                                                                                                                          

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