Saturday, January 27, 2018


Friends of Sam Smith Park now have up and running Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  These are all public sites that do not require a user to personally have social media accounts to follow what is going on. The links will always appear at the top right corner of the FOSS blog header page.

The Facebook account has been up for a while now and has a list of nearly 300 users who have elected to post as well as follow posts - by joining as a member.  It has been a lively forum for discussions about park issues as well as hosting wonderful photographs by a number of the photographers seen in the park on a regular basis.

The Instagram account is new but already has a large library of great park images and a growing number of posters and followers.

Our Twitter account is linked to many other like-minded organizations that are always a source for new information and event postings - a terrific resource.

Reminder:  please remember to be respectful when posting on these sites.

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