Sunday, May 21, 2017


With the Whimbrel Watch now well underway at Whimbrel Point on the park's southern headlands, it is a good time to remember Fred Bodsworth and his book that was so instrumental in preparing the way for the regulatory protection of species like the Whimbrel that make extraordinary migratory journeys and which happen to pass right by Sam Smith Park every May. (The Spring Bird Festival poster this year features an image of this remarkable bird.)
"The Last Curlew" is a poignant and moving story that takes the reader right in to the heart and soul of what it might be like to be that very last of your kind.  
There is a memorial bench dedicated to Fred at Whimbrel Point.
To read more about Fred Bodsworth, check out a previous post on this blog.

Bird Studies Canada is telling Fred's story of the last Eskimo Curlew to music at a local venue this coming Saturday.  Tickets are free and you can register by clicking here.  Below is a description ....

"Inspired by the seminal environmental novel by the Canadian naturalist Fred Bodsworth, The Last Curlew follows the 13,000 km migration of the now-extinct Eskimo Curlew. This timeless, powerful and heart-breaking story is told with music by Alexina Louie, Ralph Vaughan-Williams and R. Murray Schafer, and features harpist Lori Gemmell, TSO Violinist Etsuko Kimura and Dancer/Choreographer Julia Aplin. Narrators are Tom Allen (Grandpa), and Annika Broadhead (Dearie)."

Sat, 27 May 2017
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EDT
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St.Demetrius
3338 Lake Shore Boulevard West
Toronto, ON M8W

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