Thursday, January 5, 2017


In a previous post, we asked for volunteers to join some of us on Boxing Day 2017 for the first Christmas bird count, to our knowledge, ever done in Sam Smith Park. 
December 26th turned out to be a foul day of rain and wind.  However, three intrepid bird counters turned up to brave the elements.  Most birds were hiding from the weather as, quite possibly, those three should have been!
It is hoped that in future years the weather will be kinder and that the Christmas bird count will become a holiday tradition involving, of course, families and kids.

The results for our inaugural count are, although sparse, as follows:

17 species of birds were sighted.

Two Trumpeter Swans with Mute Swans - one Trumpeter is tagged - Brian Keaveney

White Winged Scoter - Brian Keaveney

Downy Woodpecker - Brian Keaveney

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