Wednesday, December 14, 2016



Over the years, park visitors have experienced the frustrating problem of not being able to find a spot in the south parking lot.  

Humber College students have been using the lot to park while they go to classes.  It is is typically clogged by 9 a.m. during term time as is pretty well every free public parking space around the whole campus area.
The local Councillor, the Parking Authority and Humber College have all received complaints from CCFEW, FOSS as well as others.  We have pointed out that the south parking lot was intended to be used by short term visitors to Sam Smith Park and not by students wishing to park their vehicle for the whole day.

Humber College is in the process of expanding its in-house parking which should help the situation down the road.  And now, finally, the City has introduced a 2 hour parking limit in the south lot.

It is now sign posted and people have reported to FOSS that they have recently witnessed enforcement taking place and parking tickets served.

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