Saturday, December 17, 2016


A recent post on this blog referred to a Mute Swan found dead and horribly mutilated in the park.  A call was made for anyone who had information to contact us.  We received the following which indicates there may have been a witness to what led up to this event .....
"Apparently, he and another fellow were trying unsuccessfully to help the swan while still alive. It was tangled in fishing line and quite bloodied. Apparently its wing was quite tangled up and unable to fly.

Not sure what ultimately killed it, but I think it was doomed because of the fishing line.
I did personally see a weasel or mink feeding on the body."

If this account is attributable to the swan in question or not, it once again confirms the danger to wildlife that irresponsible anglers cause when fishing line is carelessly discarded.  See FOSS post on this subject.

Note:  The original post on the dead swan suggested a possible cause might have been a coyote or off-leash dog.  We have in the past received reports of off-leash dogs harassing and attacking swans on or near the shore line. There were also injuries to the body that suggested an attack by a large mammal.  It is not unreasonable to include that scenario as a possible cause of the swan’s demise when witness accounts are not available.  Coyote predation of roosting Canada Geese and injured, sick or weakened Mute Swans is documented.

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