Friday, November 11, 2016


It is often said that Sam Smith Park, although a relatively small park, contains a wide variety of habitats with a long list of creatures that live in them or pass through them.

But those people who love the park and know it well all have their special places in the park too - those little places they love to visit and spend a quiet moment or two in, where they feel at peace and connected, where they can drop their shoulders for a minute, breathe and heal.

Nancy Barret's secret place - "Across the Path"
These places are often called "secret places", conveying the idea that they somehow belong only to them, personally very special and unique. Which, of course, they are.  But the park is small and those places may not really be so secret after all.  One person's secret place is assuredly shared by many who hold it special too.  When a secret place is shared with another there is almost always recognition, acknowledgement and affirmation.  It's a bond that connects us to each other as well as to the place.

So, an idea.  Let's share photographs of those places with each other.  Send pics (and comments if you wish) to Friends of Sam Smith Park and we will publish them either anonymously or by name with the contributor's permission.

Nancy Barret and Lyn Crowder have kindly offered up their "secret places" to kick this off.

Lynda Crowder's "Secret place"

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