Friday, November 11, 2016


Friends of Sam Smith's month-long photo exhibit at the Assembly Hall closed yesterday.  By any measure, it was a huge success.  Sixty four images were displayed and 30 were sold!  That is a record for the Assembly Hall with now quite a long history of hosting exhibitions.  Humber College purchased three images for their Interpretive Centre in the newly built Welcome Centre and they will be on permanent display. Other records were no doubt broken:  most people attending the opening night, most visitors during the run etc.

But, one of the exhibit's greatest successes, we think, is that the attention the beautiful images on display received has furthered FOSS's goals as outlined in our mission statement - we are a " community group of local residents and park users dedicated to protecting, enhancing and preserving the naturalized areas of Colonel Samuel Smith Park".  Many people who did not know about our park's treasures are now aware and sensitized to the personal and social value of safeguarding accessible, close-at-hand natural areas with wild creatures living in them.

The other success - really a by-product - is that many of the photographers, for the first time ever, printed an image they had shot, framed it and offered it up for public display at a juried exhibit.  What a risk!  But what a payoff!  There were so many delighted faces at opening night as exhibitors brought their family and friends to see their work, their humbly offered "celebration" of their love of nature.  Everyone wants to do it again, and that will definitely happen.  Ideas are already churning.

Many thanks to the Assembly Hall staff, the FOSS volunteers, the exhibitors, our sponsors, the jurors Anne and Gordon and our speakers Tim and Andrew.  But the most gratitude must go to FOSS steering committee member, Liana Franciosi, who worked tirelessly for the best part of a year to bring her vision to fruition.


Ann Brokelman said...

What an amazing success. Wonderful exhibit and amazing photos. Congratulations to all the Friends of Sam Smith Park. Ann

ravynne40 said...

Thank you to Foss and especially Liana for her support and encouragement and all the hard work that went into organizing this event, some of us would never have dreamed of "showing our work" in this way. It was a great opportunity for people to connect with the park, the beauty and nature and love that was shown with this wonderful exhibit. I for one, now want to print a bunch of my photos but I don't think I have enough walls!!
let's keep our beautiful park safe, clean and cherished.

Irene Cholewka

Liana Franciosi said...

It was an honour to be a part of this event. The photos were amazing,a true reflexion of the beauty of the park. The thing that touched my soul the most however was the community coming together to celebrate our Nature's Sanctuary. The mingling, stories and new friendships that were made. Thank you to the Assembly Hall Staff, the sponsors, volunteers,and to the Col. Sam Smith Park for being our muse.