Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Toronto Life magazine in a July 6th article titled "These care-free beaches are city's best kept secrets".

You may or may not agree with the merits of describing Sam Smith Park as a dog "free for all" (which it clearly isn't).  If you wish to send any comments to Toronto Life, Ms. Maddocks is the Chief Researcher at the magazine and can be contacted through her email.

A FOSS member sent this letter to her yesterday and gave us permission to post it....

"Dear Ms. Maddocks

As Chief Researcher at Toronto Life, you will be interested to know the article published yesterday in your City section contains some very misleading information.

The articles references Sam Smith park, and states: "There’s a sanctioned off-leash area at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, but dogs roam free all over the hook-shaped peninsula".  This gives the impression that this is acceptable practice.  It is not, as this area contains quite a few sensitive natural areas, including a beaver dam and nesting sites of rare birds.  Users who let their dogs "roam free" are subject to bylaw enforcement which can result in fines up to $360.

I would appreciate an addition or correction to the article, making it clear that using this area as a "dog haven" could be a very expensive venture. Off leash dogs are welcome to enjoy the legal off-leash area.

Thank you,"


Eugene K said...

It would have been great, and I think appropriate, if the off-leash area included a little bit of beach so dogs could get some swimming in, rather than designate the saddest little featureless square of land around for local dogs. It is possible to integrate a well-planned and robust off-leash area into a larger park. The best example I can think of is the superb job Mississauga did with Jack Darling Park. I take my dogs there as often as I can so they can enjoy a variety of terrain and an opportunity to walk while the dogs goof around.

Friend said...

That might be something to work towards, given the current "unofficial" dog beach doesn't seem to have sensitive wildlife. Might provide some incentive to get the old rebar removed, and perhaps some garbage cans located close to the area