Monday, April 11, 2016


There is currently a lot of tags and graffiti on the Etobicoke Kangaroos' storage locker in the playing field at Sam Smith Park.
It is very unsightly and clashes with the natural surroundings of the park and the heritage buildings.

Friends of Sam Smith Park has received a number of complaints about this and people have reminded us that, to allay our concerns that this would probably be an ongoing problem, the football association assured us when the locker was installed that graffiti would be painted over immediately to deter taggers.
FOSS recently contacted the football association and we were given this response ...

"We are currently looking into this and will be moving on this very soon."

Please keep an eye on it and keep us up to date.


Unknown said...

The football locker was so ugly to begin with. Not sure if the graffiti makes it any worse? Same goes for the eleventh street baseball locker. How about some sort of camophlage job?

Nature Girl said...

there is tagging and graffiti all over the park, not just on the storage unit.
Most of the signage is tagged, rocks, posts.
Painting will only make it go away for a short time, they will keep getting tagged until there is some sort of patrol in the park.

Unknown said...

sorry but it will come back it will be the same ppl