Wednesday, October 7, 2015


As part of Humber College’s Sustainability Action Plan, a new and exciting initiative has been added to the Lakeshore Campus.

There has long been a beekeeping programme at the North Campus with hives located next to the staff lounge and now that programme also comes to the college’s location in Sam Smith Park.

At the official unveiling today, Wanda Boute, Principal Humber College Lakeshore, pulled back the curtains in the second floor cafeteria inside the L Building to reveal three hives installed on an exterior balcony that allows for separation between the bees and students, staff and faculty.

According to Lindsay Walker, Humber's Manager of Sustainability, approximately one-third of all the food we eat - including strawberries, carrots, broccoli, peanuts and apples – relies on bee pollination. “Bees work hard together to feed
Fran Freeman and John Coffman, Humber College beekeepers
themselves and the planet and are a great example of how to approach sustainability – what we strive to do here at Humber.”

The bees, with a foraging range of up to six kilometres, should be well situated to do their important pollinating job on the park’s native wildflowers, bird-friendly, berry producing shrubs and, according to the beekeepers, may even help to rejuvenate apple trees in the remaining sections of the heritage orchard.

You do not have to be a Humber College student to view the hives. Visitors are welcome - see map.

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Unknown said...

I hope the kids not as spooked by the bees as they are the wasps.
Maybe a little education is in o order.