Monday, August 31, 2015


Some park users have questioned the reasons behind the new asphalt surface on the former crushed limestone pathway running south from Cumberland House.  They are worried that a non-permeable surface might have a detrimental effect on the roots of the old trees closely bordering the path.

Jorge Ture, Park Supervisor, South Etobicoke - Wards 5 &6, responded to a recent request for information on this matter with the following email .......

"As previously mentioned the decision to go with a hard surface pathway at this location was made by myself which I based on 28 years of park management experience. Although I appreciate that you may not agree with this decision there are many park users who do and are happy and to see this improvement to the park. All park users are given the opportunity to provide us with their opinions and feedback at any time by contact 311 or and with 144 park locations in my area of jurisdiction I receive a significant and varied amount of feedback which helps guide me when making decisions on issues such as this."

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Anonymous said...

The Parks Manager's response does not seem to offer any real explanation as to why a crushed stone path was not seen as a viable alternative. "28 years of park management experience" is not a reason. A properly installed new crushed limestone path would have provided a usable pathway which does not increase run-off and still enables users a safe surface that doesn't require plowing in winter. This decision to pave baffles me.