Monday, April 13, 2015


Now that the nice weather is here people are back to having fires in the park.
The photo shows that once again trees from the park are being broken or cut down as they try to burn them.
"In future I encourage park users to contact 911 immediately if they notice an open fire" (Jorge Ture - Park Supervisor).  For ongoing complaints about the lack of regular police patrols, contact 311 (24/7), the local police at 22 Division (416-808-2200) and the Councillor's office (416-397-9273) so that multiple complaints may spur the police to patrol more often.
It is also very important not to approach the problem directly.  A few years ago a Friends of Sam Smith Park member was attacked when he approached a group of youth at a fire site and ended up being treated in hospital.

Recent response from Councillor Grimes' office ....
"Thank you for bringing these concerns to Councillor Grimes. This is often an issue we face once the weather gets warmer.

When an emergency situation arises, calling 911 immediately is the best route of action to take. 311 or 22 Division should be contacted for enforcement of non-emergency issues.

Constable Michael Burgess is our Crime Prevention Officer, and works closely with the community regarding any issues residents feel are significant or recurring. Please feel free to reach out to him at 416-808-2251 with any questions or suggestions, particularly regarding public drinking."

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