Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The Friends of Sam Smith Park website is there to inform people about what is happening in the park, particularly with regard to wildlife and habitat as well as other issues that impact FOSS’s central mission - “protecting, enhancing and preserving the naturalized areas” of the park.  But, the website can have other purposes too.

It can also be a place ….

  • where we can educate each other about the plants, birds, fish, insects and mammals of our park
  • that puts a spotlight on a unique quality of the park
  • where we can make connections between what happens in our own particular “green space” and the wider world around it
  • where we can share stories, impressions, insights and art
  • that provides a forum for raising and discussing issues that impact the park or beyond
  • that provides links to interesting articles, books and other organizations
  • that can be lots more!

We know that there is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience amongst the many who are on our contact list.  We are approaching the hundred thousand “page view” level on our website now so there is no doubt that there are also many who wish to learn more about the park and connect.

We invite you to submit articles that we can post.  That option has always been there. Please consider contributing to the growth of FOSS and this website.  Contributions can be sent here and, of course, full credit will be given to the author.  Thank you.

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