Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The Friends of Sam Smith Park steering committee has compiled a short list of question for Ward 6 Councillor candidates concerning some of the issues that are important to us.  The list will be sent to each candidate and their responses will be published here about a week before the election.  We will also send them out by e-mail to those on our contact list.  If a candidate knocks at your door, you might also consider asking questions related to our park.

  • What concrete steps would you take to ensure the preservation and protection of the naturalized areas of Sam Smith Park?
  • Do you believe it is appropriate to allow a single group such as the Aussie Rules Football Club to have exclusive use of a portion of a tax-payer funded park? What are your views regarding further expansion of this club’s “footprint” in the park?
  • Would you support a comprehensive system of greenways and trails connecting parks, particularly those along the waterfront, as outlined in the city’s Official Plan? How would you accomplish this?
  •  What do you envision as the future for public accessibility to the Power House at Sam Smith Park?
  • How will you vote regarding any future attempt to expand commercial air service at Billy Bishop Airport? Will your decision take into consideration the preservation of Sam Smith Park as an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA)?
  • How would you deal with the “dogs off leash” problem in Sam Smith Park?

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