Sunday, July 20, 2014


Every year, we are seeing more and more people in kayaks and canoes exploring the Lake Ontario shoreline in and around Sam Smith Park
The explosion of kayaks, in particular, along the whole Toronto waterfront is huge.  Torontonians are discovering the simple pleasure of being out on the water in a self-propelled craft quietly gliding in to the bays and the rivers that run in to the lake, looking out for wildlife along the shores and enjoying the relaxed pace that paddling can provide.
Along the lake here, we are blessed with a number of these possibilities - the lake itself and the Credit and Humber rivers.  And for the slightly more adventuresome, there are the Toronto Islands with their secret lagoons and beautiful inner waterways.

A local group has recently formed to provide interested recreational kayakers the opportunity to join others for leisurely social paddles.  The Lakeshore Kayak Club has a website where you can request to be put on their contact list.  Their inaugural paddle is on Tuesday August 12th., 2014 along the Humber River. 

Go the website for details.

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