Friday, May 30, 2014


For two years, local parents have organized a wonderful soccer programme for kids in the park.  It starts around 5 p.m. every Wednesday evening and takes place in the field near the Lake Shore Drive entrance on the east side of the park.  We understand that they are always looking for new recruits.  Contact Brea or Blythe at the email addresses below.

Bumblebee Soccer

Bumblebee Soccer is a grassroots, parent organized, non-competitive soccer program for tots ages 2-6.  For many kids, this will be their first introduction to soccer, and as such, our aim is to build basic soccer skills through simple, fun and engaging games.  Children develop a foundation for soccer which will hopefully lead to a lifelong appreciation of the sport. 
Bumblebee soccer is held in Col. Sam Smith park every Wednesday
night for 30 min. during the spring. We have over 45 participants with four coaches who bring their passion and enthusiasm with them weekly. 
This is our second  season and we look forward to many more.
For more information contact Blythe Underys or Brea Hodge at 

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