Saturday, April 26, 2014


FOSS received this recent update on the coyote with the tracking collar seen in the park this winter.  See previous post for more information on this coyote and his tracking history.  (If you see this coyote, please send details to FOSS so that we can forward the information to the Ministry of Natural Resources.  The collar is no longer sending signals.)

"Miss04 was observed briefly on Thursday April 24, 2014 around 8:10 pm. Location was at the junction of the east end of the walkway that goes in front of the yacht club where it joins the path from the parking lot up the east side of the inner harbour past the red-necked grebe nest with the orange buoy. The coyote was first observed by a woman with a weimaraner off leash. She came back down the path and put her weimaraner on a leash. The coyote was unconcerned and proceeded north toward the parking lot."

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Anonymous said...

saw the coyote tonight at 10:20 east end entrance walking towards the Jane treed center, He was checking out my Shepard dog.
very cool Jan 7 2015 but I'm sure he was the hunt for rabbits.