Thursday, March 6, 2014


A community meeting was held last Monday to discuss the progress of the community garden project.  About thirty people braved the bitter cold.  The group included some residents from Thirteenth Street.  The work group provided the audience with information about all four sites in Sam Smith Park that are being considered and provided opportunity for people to comment and/or voice their concerns about each site. The four sites are …

  1. North east corner of park (north end of heritage orchard site between Rabba and the gatehouse)
  2. Further south in the orchard, close to the “small bowl”
  3. South of the Jane Tweed Centre, east of the red osier dogwoods
  4. In the meadow south of the dog park

Overwhelmingly, the attendees thought that the north/east location at Sam Smith, the work group’s selected location, was the best site. In fact, the group felt so strongly they unanimously voted in favour of this site and requested that the results be communicated to the Councillor.

A name was chosen for the garden ….

Lakeshore Heritage Community Garden
.... a name that reflects the fact that the old hospital was quite self-sufficient in producing their own food on that site.

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