Friday, October 11, 2013


In early December 2012, representatives from FOSS and CCFEW attended a meeting held at the Gatehouse to discuss a proposal for a community garden in Sam Smith Park.  A report from that meeting can be read on our website.  FOSS members were invited to offer their comments on what was discussed.  Some of those comments were also posted on our website.  

Most people who commented were in agreement with the idea provided the concerns put forward by FOSS and CCFEW were addressed and our recommendations taken in to consideration.  One member did some terrific drawings that conveyed what he would like to see incorporated in to the design.

We were told that applications would be made to Toronto City Parks and TRCA for permits to implement the proposal and that work would hopefully start in Spring 2013.  That turned out not to be the case for reasons unknown to FOSS at this time.

But the idea has resurfaced a year later and the folks behind it are holding a community meeting open to all Ward 6 residents on Thursday evening, October 17th., 2013 to discuss this. Details can be seen on the flyer below.

The community garden(s) will have an impact on the park and it is highly recommended that members attend to get information and to offer feedback.

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