Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Protecting your Dog and the Natural Environment
Off Leash Dog Dangers
By Dr. Kate Zimmerman, DVM, Small Animal Veterinarian, May, 2013
For pet owners, one of the best parts of High Park is the space designated for off-leash dogs.
Do you always know what they are doing?
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The off-leash areas provide a controlled environment in which dogs can exercise, socialize with other dogs, and bond with their owners. No wonder it becomes tempting to let your dogs run free in other areas of the park as well. But have you taken the time to consider the negative implications of letting dogs go where they are not supposed to? Letting your dog off leash in non-designated areas can pose serious risks to their health, as well as to the fragile ecosystems of parks with natural heritage areas. Injuries, bite wounds, infectious diseases, toxins, poisonous plants, and parasites are just some of the trouble your dogs can get themselves into when allowed to romp through the park at their leisure.
Off Leash Dog Dangers in High Park
Please forward this article to those with dogs using other parks.
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Patrick and Laura Longhurst said...

We think that individuals who allow their dogs to wander off-leash throughout the park are a disgrace.

We are not only concerned about the wildlife in the park. We have had to stop taking our grandson to the park in his stroller because off-leash dogs come bounding up and frighten him (in one case a German Shepherd).

We would be happy to become involved in an organised approach to solving this problem. At present, when we speak to the individuals concerned, we are usually met with a torrent of abuse.

Thank you for your efforts

Patrick and Laura Longhurst