Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This turtle found an unusual spot to lay her eggs.

The turtle could be a Painted Turtle (native) or a Red Eared Slider (the pet store variety, indigenous to northern Mexico and the southern states and often released in ponds when they grow too big for the home- some are able to survive our winters.)  It is unclear from the photo.

(This is an example of how the "whole" park is one connected environment for the wildlife who live there.)

Red-eared sliders should not be released into the wild. Sliders that are found in the wild can be taken to adoption centres, thereby helping our native turtles. Here are two places:

It was later determined that the turtle was indeed a Red Eared Slider.  She made a second attempt to build a nest after the first one was ransacked before heading back to the water.
The red ear marking is an easy way to identify a slider.

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long-branch-rifle said...

When I was about 10 years old, my friends and I were walking by the Humber site while it was under restoration, and we noticed the same species of turtle inside a huge dirt hole dug up by one of the construction workers. We knew that it was too deep for her to get out, so we picked her up and took her back into the lake. Now I believe that the turtle tried to nest in the hole but hasn't realized it was too deep for her. Maybe it is the same turtle?