Sunday, December 30, 2012


  • We think that the garden sounds like a great way to connect the community and allow members to grow their own healthy food. We came from the High Park area where people did the same. So far the proposal sounds positive to us.
  • I just read the email and the revised location seems to make sense to me.
  • In my opinion, the old orchard location next to RABBA would work well.  The residents of the old hospital used to grow their own food, so this use is appropriate.  The meditation garden next to the Gatehouse sounds a bit iffy, though – too close to the road.  There are lots of quiet, natural spaces in the park where folks can go for the best meditation - in nature.
  • All sounds great to me. I grew up on the grounds in the now demolished Lakehouse. BTW, though I never saw water in the swale, I well remember the creek that ran beside our house was often filled with grain from Gilbey's Gin whenever they washed out their vats.
  • I like this idea very much. Apple orchard is good. You have my full support. 
  • I think its a great Idea but I am not sure why The Gatehouse which already has a garden around the house and is leading this project would require a meditation garden in addition to the outdoor space they already have. Community gardens in other areas catch on very quickly and if you add in the fact that we have food insecurity issues in our area and also many people living in cramped housing and/or no personal use of a garden- then surely we want to allocate as much space as possible to growing food. A meditation garden is a lovely concept but works best with a water feature and access to shade via trees or landscape features.  This would be easier to achieve close to the house.
  • I think a community garden is a great idea - my grandparents had one in Europe for many decades. My only concern is, based on two area gardens I’ve seen - one currently in High Park and one that used to be located next to Plant World on Eglinton Ave. as part of a building complex - is the appearance of the garden, especially if viewed from the street. The plots looked quite messy, with no standard fencing. Chairs were stacked up, compost heaps lying off to the side. I hope there are standards for community gardens?
  • Great idea and new location east of the entrance driveway in the old orchard next to Rabba that runs down from Lakeshore Blvd. is much better.
  • I have thought about the Community Garden at Sam Smith. I like the idea of gardens in that area next too Rabba. It needs something there and why not have the community growing veggies. I would like to add flowers and perennials in the mix and I think we need to add a few more fruit trees in that space. A few more benches and maybe a water fountain for a European feel would be great. A resting place/community garden.

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