Friday, August 17, 2012


Finally, after three years of testing out different types of nesting platforms and locations, TRCA (Toronto Region Conservation Authority) can claim success with the recent arrival of two Red Necked Grebe chicks hatched in the last few days.  One unhatched egg is still in the nest.
For some reason, as yet unexplained, a nesting platform moved (was moved?) from it's mooring further west and ended up tied (tangled?) to a small red buoy close to the northern marina wall about 30 or so feet from shore in a very convenient spot for observation.
The two hatched chicks have already been seen riding on a parent's back.
The photographs were taken by Irene Cholewka whose wonderful book of Sam Smith birds was on display at this year's Spring Bird Festival.


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I was out again Sunday early morning, the grebes are actively feeding, my worry was the people fishing in the pond, there were about 3 or 4 people casting out...also a mink was in the area sniffing around, hope the babies survive all this! there is still one egg in the nest.