Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The planting organized by Trees Across Toronto last Saturday was a resounding success.  Well over a hundred volunteers turned up to plant 800 trees and shrubs, all in the space of about two hours.  It was muddy, soggy and hard work but the cheerful volunteers "stuck" (literally!) at it until the job was done.  Special thanks to a large enthusiastic group from a north Toronto temple, all followers of the late Indian guru Sai Baba, a proponent of doing karmic service for the community.
The plantings will enlarge and enhance the Osier Dogwood area to the east of the sports oval that has become, over time, a significant wildlife corridor and birding hotspot in our park.
Below are photographs and a list of the species that were planted..
(One photograph shows a brave Killdeer sitting on its nest while all this activity was taking place around it.  Can you spot it?)

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