Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Colonel Samuel Smith Park
Toronto Fishing, a website that features local fishing hotspots, has an article on our park.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park offers seasonal fishing opportunities along the Lake Ontario shoreline. A long peninsula shaped like a backwards letter C extends from the park’s eastern boundary, creating a lagoon that contains a sizeable marina. The protected waters in the marina bay are home to bluegill, punkinseed, yellow perch, brown bullhead and carp. The shoreline rocks on the lake side of this peninsula provide opportunities to catch carp, freshwater drum, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and pike. Given the peninsula’s height above the water line, a long-handled net is advantageous here, particularly when fishing the lake side. The large bay located along the eastern park boundary contains good numbers of  largemouth bass, small pike, carp and a variety of panfish. It offers good fishing through the summer months (particularly in early summer before the weeds grow too thick). It is best fished from a small boat, although caution is prudent given its exposure to the open waters of Lake Ontario. On calm summer mornings, look for fish to hide in the shade of weed walls scattered all through this area. Dropping a weedless jig down the shady side of the weeds can produce exciting action.

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