Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday’s Spring Bird Festival was a tremendous success. The weather cooperated once the morning fog lifted and the rain overnight ensured there were lots of interesting warblers still resting and feeding in the park for us all to enjoy. The CCFEW bird walks yielded many varieties.
The Art, Photography and Nesting Box Building booths run by Friends of Sam Smith Park were well attended.  Eager children constructed twenty-five tree swallow boxes and these will be installed on the Toronto Islands. Thanks to John Hayes from the High Park Nature Centre for teaching the children all about the need to provide nesting boxes to tree-cavity nesters who have fewer old trees to use in urban areas as well as helping them to build them.
A wonderful collage of children’s nature paintings was created by the youngsters with help from Don and Donna-Marie and this will be on display soon at Birds and Beans café in Mimico.
George Raikou and the other photographers showed their work and offered tips on taking successful nature shots.
Much appreciation must be given to the staff at City Parks and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority for all their hard work.  This second annual Sam Smith Park Spring Bird Festival establishes our park as the best nature park to visit in the west end of the city.

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