Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Parks People are holding their first Summit on Saturday, April 16th.  It will be at the Brickworks and registration is free.  If you go to their website, you can register there.  Some FOSS members have already signed up.

Park People is a new organization dedicated to improving Toronto's parks.
Across many Toronto neighbourhoods, there is a concern that Parks are not living up to their potential and fully responding to the needs of our communities. Parks are essential to the health and vibrancy of any city, and Toronto is lagging behind cities across North America that are bringing people, government, park staff and private organizations  together to create dynamic parks that become the hub of  neighourhoods.
In 2010 Park People was formed to do just that.  Led by concerned citizens, and partnering with communities, parks staff and private enterprises, Park People is working hard to create lasting solutions to our underperforming parks.

Park People advocates for better parks for all communities by facilitating neighbourhood engagement in their parks, building a network of local community park groups, acting as a watchdog on issues affecting parks and highlighting the importance of good parks to the social, health, environmental and economic well being of all residents of Toronto. 

The group was founded in response to the groundbreaking Metcalf Foundation report by Dave Harvey - "Fertile Ground for New Thinking: Improving Toronto's Parks". A key focus for Park People in 2011 will be a citywide Parks Summit in April that will bring together park advocates from across the city for the first time ever.

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