Saturday, September 11, 2010


As part of the Trees Across Toronto/Toronto Water tree planting program, Urban Forestry is proposing new plantings at Colonel Samuel Smith Park. The proposed plan is intended to increase the urban forest canopy, increase habitat and biodiversity and reduce stormwater. The sites would be prepared by rototilling and subsoiling prior to planting. The planting would be a combination of native bare root and potted tree and shrub species. 
The planting around the off-leash dog park will be on the perimeter as there are water tanks beneath the area.  Dog walkers have been asking for trees in this area to provide shade and wind protection.
(The two maps below show the planting areas.  Double-click on maps for enlarged view)

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mister anchovy said...

Wind protection is a significant issue for the dog park. Any of you who have ventured through that field in February know that cold north winds howl down that corridor, making the area most inhospitable. It's one of the biggest limitations of the dog park site, and tree plantings on the north will be very helpful in making the dog park tolerable in winter. A modest shelter would help too! The other challenge in that field is that it gets sloppy wet in late winter and stays that way for some time. Meanwhile, the dog park has been working well. Too bad some people don't bother picking up after their pets. I stepped in some the other day and was not amused.