Friday, June 25, 2010


There have been recent complaints from park users about the number of dogs being walked off leash and disturbing wildlife, particularly since the new signage has gone up alerting people to bird-sensitive areas.  It has been suggested that dog walkers may not know about the new off-leash designated area near the filtration park and signs should be put up in Sam Smith to inform people.  Here is the response to that suggestion from David Chapman, Park Supervisor.

"We are not in the habit of extensive signage in areas other than that were the "Off Leash" area actually is. That is because in all parks, "if it is not a designated off leash area" all dogs are to be on a leash. In addition there will be a fenced off area as soon as the TRCA installs the new fencing. It's best to call 338 - PAWS (Animal Control) and not 311, since they are in fact the actual by-law enforcement section of MLS which would be called in.
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mister anchovy said...

I'm a dog owner and I use the off-leash area daily. I don't think there are many dog owners around who do not know the area exists and who do not know exactly where it is. I enjoy taking my dogs to the off-leash area for social time with their buddies. Too bad the area is so small and so badly located. That field is impossibly hostile in the winter, and wet and swampy through late winter and early spring. I think if a better area were chosen, more dog owners would respect the by-law. Fortunately there are some other excellent areas not too far away, such as Etobicoke Creek, where dogs can swim and enjoy some trees and a little bit of landscape variety.